BLOG 03/02/2015

  "A darker Eden" fashion from Dunedin, has just finished a short stint at the Silo. With any luck we will be seeing it again at venues like the Douse.On the last day of this exhibition I ran there so as not to miss it and was thrilled to find I still had two hours until closing time. Curated by Margo Barton this was an excellent show and possibly the best so far from Doris De Ponts Fashion museum. The dark and delicious assortment of offerings by Dunedin designers provided me with several hours of joy. Don't dare miss it. " "A Darker Eden" coming soon to a town near you............

BLOG 03/02/2015

 What I did on my holidays.

First of all the absolutely LAST thing I did was make any new clothes.I will be starting that again soon.....promise. Instead I op shopped on trade me .You should know that when I bid on trade me I become the most ruthless shark from hell and will stop at nothing to score the best treasure (except pay any real money of course) My best buy in quite a while was this super cool sixties Elvis mirror which will soon occupy pride of place on my bathroom wall. Cost. Not very much at all.

Click this link to see Elvis sing "Jail house rock".


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BLOG 21/01/2015

  I must apologise again for my badly neglected BLOG. Moving has been a major task and as yet I have not had time to take any street shots. Recently though I was guest for lunch at a location where a certain Mr B showed me his recently aquired prize Ebay purchase a full length dark green leather coat. Here is my best shot...I tried to make it as much after Lewis Hines (black and white) as was humanly possible but eventually decided that you can just see the coat so much better in colour.


BLOG 27/08//2014


Busy day. Three random N.Y. shots.

BLOG 05/08//2014

SYDNEY Strand Arcade

The last of my Sydney shots.


BLOG 29/07//2014

SYDNEY Strand Arcade

Always  black is hard to beat.

BLOG 22/07//2014

SYDNEY Strand Arcade

Shades of blue and green still look fresh either as a whole garment or as an accessory.

BLOG 15/07//2014

SYDNEY Strand Arcade

Black is always a theme in Winter and how could that be bad ?


BLOG 08/07//2014

SYDNEY Strand Arcade

With the cold wind whistling under my door at 30 Jervois Rd I can't help but think of coats. Here are some recently seen worn in Sydney



BLOG 02/07//2014

SYDNEY Strand Arcade

More street shots from the Strand Arcade. No theme to this just a random assortment of passers by. 


BLOG 19/06//2014

SYDNEY Strand Arcade

Those who frequent my store will have noticed the "gone fishing" sign in the door last week.I went to Sydney for the warmer weather for a day or two.It wasn't much of an improvement though weather wise with most Sydney residents wrapped in their woolys and coats. Here are some examples.......?


BLOG 03/05//2014


More from Dizengoff.

BLOG 26/04//2014


It's awhile now since I travelled last and my supplies of New York Street shots are dwindling. So why not venture out in the nearer environs then and see what I can see. Last week I hunkered down at a local watering hole and waited patiently to capture my quarry.It was a very quiet Easter weekend in the city and there were very few people about. Even so there was talent to be had......... here is what I found.


BLOG 14/04//2014


Ordinarily I like to blog clothing but every now and then something of note occurs domestically that I feel my chiefly fashion audience may appreciate. Recycling is big for furniture nowadays. The moment you buy a new piece of furniture it drops in value but if you buy retro the immediate drop in value has already ocurred. Not only to you buy a piece that is now possibly gaining in value but that piece costs you much less and is more likely to be unique in some way. Also the practice of buying second hand furniture has enormous appeal for the "Scrooge McDucks" amoung us most notably myself . So last week I found online for a mere $150 NZ dollars this mint condition 1960's mirrored dressing table that came complete with it's own built in light. For a small bribe a nice man called Brian agreed to deliver the dressing table  to my address where he very kindly offered to put it back together for me. He told me it had belonged to his Aunt who was going home to Ireland. Anyway to make a long story short it's mine now and I love it.


BLOG 25/02//2014


Diana Vreeland once sent someone (probably a photographer) a memo that said famously " I want pink the colour of little pink pigs".

So "think pink" Here it is.


BLOG 04/02//2014


 Colour is a strange thing. What seems wrong one minute can seem magnificent 6 months later. Lately PINK seems like the best colour possible. Little girls always choose pink...and Barbie has a strong element of pink in her wardrobe. Sometimes even New York sophisticates like pink................but the proof of the pudding is always in the wearing.







BLOG 16/01//2014

Selling Dreams: One hundred years of Fashion Photography.

 This year before I came back to work I went to see "Selling Dreams" at the Auckland museum. I will quote here directly from the page on Auckland museums website."The exhibition features original work from some of the twentieth century's major photographers including Edward Steichen,Irving Penn,Richard Avedon,Helmut Newton and David Bailey,alongside contemporary images by Miles Aldridge,Corinne Day,Rankin and Tim Walker.So if you are in need of a visual fix this should do the job. It did for me.I spent about an hour and a half there and would like to go back for seconds.

For more information about this exhibition click this link........


BLOG 07/01/2014

I found this quote on a site about colour theory.Red has always held magical properties as far as I am concerned although it was previously not related (in my mind) to chickens at all.I include here a link for anyone requiring further information on the subject of colour theory.

What happens when chickens see red?

A company* that markets red contact lenses for chickens (at 20 cents a pair), points to medical studies showing that chickens wearing red-tinted contact lenses behave differently from birds that don't. They eat less, produce more and don't fight as much. This decreases aggressive tendencies and birds are less likely to peck at each other causing injury. A spokesman said the lenses will improve world egg-laying productivity by $600 million a year.

(Perhaps everything looks red and they cannot distinguish combs, wattles, or blood. Or ...perhaps the chickens are happier because they're viewing the world through rose colored glasses.) 






BLOG 18/12//2013

More on the theme of short. Street shots NYC.






BLOG 13/12//2013

Thinking about shirts in crisp cottons lately. They just seem timely. So here are a few shirt shots.





BLOG 23/11/2013

I have always been of the opinion that short and black is a good thing for a dress to be. Heres proof.





BLOG 23/11/2013


There is nothing like a man in a suit or at least a jacket and vest. Here are some fine examples. The older gent with his shopping trolly who appears last here was more than a little averse to being photographed suspecting perhaps that my motives were not good. He made what I can only assume was a rude gesture with his hand. My first thought was to edit it out but maybe I'll show you that shot here to assist you with a more realistic experience of new York street life at it's finest.In any case my only real interest was his elegant demeanor so my official apologies here for interrupting his afternoon so rudely.By the way I just found this great little video online to provide a musical accompaniment to my blog and was wondering how I could link it to the blog....then it struck me.....of course....Slim Harpo is wearing a suit .......? Click the link below to listen while you look.





BLOG 16/11/2013

One of the best spectator sports in New York City is people watching. One of the best things about taking photographs is the people you meet while you are doing it and on this fine day I found myself sitting next to a very nice young man who was enjoying some coconut icecream in his lunch hour along with the often very pretty scenery. He was quite interested in the fact that I was utilizing a camera and many of the men I spoke to while I shot the passers by told me that while it was fine for me to take shots with my camera they didn't think it would be quite so tolerated if they were to do the same thing. I disagree. All it really takes is the resolve........I'm not even a very good runner. In any case we had quite a long discussion about the merits of different flavour Haggen Daas(American Ice Cream) flavours. I prefer Butter Pecan and he liked coconut. Then my new friend posed for me before going back to work. 







BLOG 07/11/2013

I have to say that although there is less interest from my female blog readers who seem to mainly like examples of womens fashion,I do have a number of great shots of men strutting their stuff on the streets of Soho.Men given half a chance can be such peacocks and I always really enjoy when they do. A word as well,to say you really don't have to be 5 foot 11 inches tall and svelte to enjoy fashion. Fashion is for everyone.

See also recommended viewing music below.




BLOG 01/10/2013

 Firstly I must apologise for my as of late badly neglected BLOG. I have just had to knuckle down and get some clothes made for the Summer and there has been no time left over for anything else. In any case I managed to dig up some un-used shots of girls in shorts from the streets of New York when I was there last what now seems an age ago. Shorts will still be big this Summer here and everywhere else but thats really no surprise. Here they are ..........


BLOG 01/08/2013

Doris de Pont has just launched her impressive new online fashion museum. Not only is there an onine collection of all the wonderful garments Doris has included in the fashion museums exhibitions to date for you to investigate and admire,there is also a page with links to fashion exhibitions the world over,many of which also have collections online,this and much more........for more about the online Fashion Museum click the link below

BLOG 19/07/2013

Most trends in fashion have a frequency cycle of occurrence Jumpsuits have been news for about 3 years now,but generally they show up about every 10 years in one form or another. Nowadays they are more often called onesies or all in ones I think Stella McCartney took the lead. Here are some examples from New York last July




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BLOG 11/07/2013

My old friend Tina visited from Morrocco where she lives last week and we took some time off to go to the beach. When I went to pick her up she had her hair up and was wearing some marvelous yellow/green pants she claimed to have picked up dirt cheap (it helps to have rock star legs) a pale green cardi over a brown tailored jacket,a silk scarf,what looked Morrocan beads but she said they had come from a flea market in Paris and last but not least of course shades. We visited some friends,had lunch and laughed ourselves silly and told stories for eight hours straight. It was good for the soul.



BLOG 24/06/2013


My gal is red hot
Your gal ain't doodly squat
Yeah, my gal is red hot
Your gal ain't doodly squat
Well, she ain't got no money
But man, she's a-really got a lot





BLOG 13/06/2013

She wore red shoes by the newsstand
as the rain splashed the nickel
and spilled like chablis all along the midway
theres a little bluejay
in a red dress on a sad night

one straw in a root beer
a compact with a cracked mirror
a bottle of evening in paris perfume
what's this sad tune

he told her to wait in by the magazines
to take care of some business it seems
bring a raincoat
bring a suitcase
bring your dark eyes
and wear those red shoes






BLOG 25/05/2013

Baby's back, dressd in black,
silver buttons all down her back.
High, low, tipsy toe,
she broke a needle and she can't sew.
Walkinthe dog,
just a-walkin' her dog.
If you don't know how to do it,
I'll show you how the walk the dog.

Click here for link to the Rolling Stones "Walking the dog"


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BLOG 14:05:2013
I never have been a great fan of "Sex in the city".Maybe because I found the footwear styling in that TV show lacking to the point of absurd. I mean there ARE those girls who's feet never touch the pavement because they go straight from the limo to the skyscraper elevator and then to the 32nd floor. They exist and they do probably wear Manolo Blahniks with six inch heels .But the truth about N.Y. is that the majority of female citizens use their walk multiple blocks to the subway.....or to pedal if they ride a bike.....or to run and possibly fight to the death for a taxi if they are so inclined. There are also the multiple issues of large deep puddles of freezing grey slush that appear after snow in Winter needing to be artfully avoided,along with ither obstacles like dog poo and massive deep pot holes in the pavement (all too common) and even questionable or unusual passers by, the kind that ask you the time so they can see if your watch is worth stealing and who may motivate a "power walk" in the direction of AWAY.. All this leads me unsurprisingly to the subject of boots. If this is your daily reality then some meaningful protective footwear is in order and flat heeled well made boots are the answer.
 In the nineties Marc jacobs invented Grunge ,well in fact it was just what his girlfriends were wearing and he put it on the catwalk where it belonged,and it never really went away. The strongest identifier of "Grunge" to me has always been the wearing of big tough boots with everything,including delicate pastel floral frocks and shorts. I think it's a kind of N.Y. look. The wearing of flat comfortable but tough boots means you can always run from a mugger or stay and fight with a well aimed boot or two..... hence perhaps the phrase "kick arse boots".
Those who need futher persuasion as to the power of boots need only click the link to Nancy Sinatras sixties video below .
Are you ready boots?
BLOG 06:05:2013
These boots are made for walking and thats what they'll do.........
One of these days these boots will walk all over you.
Nancy Sinatra had it right when she sang about the superior virtues of good boots.
Lately with the onset of wet weather I too have been thinking about a new pair of boots.......
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BLOG 06:04:2013
Black is beautiful..........more NY street shots of black.
Click this like for "Paint it Black" the Rolling Stones while you look..........
BLOG 06:04:2013
Black is definitely the hipsters fallback colour and has been forever. Black makes you look thinner and more studious....a proven fact. It is the traditional colour of mourning or very early mornings. I wore black as a bride. What more can I say? Persil have recently launched a product called "Black Wash" to help keep your blacks blacker..........

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BLOG 03:04:2013
Still busy trying to get some Winter production happening . Meanwhile heres some more variations on the theme of blue.
BLOG 09:03:2013
The last few weeks in the store have been busy and so my blog has fallen by the wayside. Finally I have a few hours to catch up. Every now and then  a colour completely takes over. This is more than just fashion it's also due to availability of fabric,in other words if you don't have it you can't use it.In any case there are lots of lovely blue fabrics to use lately and that is mostly what I am selling. BLUE. Below for your enjoyment are some shots of people wearing blue on the streets of New York.
BLOG 09:03:2013
One of the things I loved when I was in New York last was the infinitely civilized introduction of bike lanes that had taken place on many avenues and streets in Manhattan. Bikes have always been the answer in this very crowded and congested city where owning a car and finding parking is an impossibility. When I lived there I rode a mauve ladies racing bike to buy fabric and zippers in the Lower East Side most mornings. The fabric purveyors would deliver my selection by truck to my store in the afternoon. What we need here in Auckland are a few more bike we can save the planet and stay fit at the same time.
Any of you adrenaline junkies who ride in Auckland now without bike lanes should check out this Lucas Brunelle link which you will well appreciate (Right after you have seen my fashion on bikes pictures of course).
BLOG 02:03:2013
I have finally overcome software problems this morning (afternoon) in order to bring you LACE. Lace is always a story. These shots show us a fresh look that utilizes lace as daywear instead of the more usual evening wear,which one would expect since my shots are street shots. Enjoy !
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BLOG 25:02:2013
What can I say about Rosey who came shopping with her Mother Mimi two weeks or so ago? Her bleached out cut off overalls were just right matched with blue socks and clear plastic jellybean shoes.
BLOG 09:02:2013
 More buns and updo's.
BLOG 02:02:2013
So pertaining to my blog of last week which approached hair length as a trend. If long hair is a trend related to the economy then the frequency of up do's and buns  are a natural progression to be expected since long hair is a requirement to create a bun. When it's hot or in the evening or sometimes just for fun buns are a much seen option at present. Here are a few street shots to support my theory.
BLOG 26:01:2013
Fans oof this blog will be releived to know the majority of the hard work involved in moving my store is now over and as of this morning I finally have a moment to indulge my true passion and make a blog for you. Hmmmn what is next ?  We have discussed recently the fact that hem lengths are influenced by the state of the economy and I have have recently devised a theory that hair length may follow a similar trend. The reasons are simple. Put simply when times are tough it saves money to skip on haircuts the result being that many women wear their hair long. My hairdresser friends will be horrified at this statement but never fear there is always plenty of work for hair people maintining condition and inventing new ever wilder colors for our tresses.
BLOG 15:12:2012
Shorts arent just for women. They are for men too and while I was downtown taking street shotsin downtown New York recently quite a few seemed to be culivating a sort of little boy lost look that was very appealling
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BLOG 08:12:2012
Sunglasses matter,lets face it, and inhabitants of Soho and the East Village in N.Y. have long ago mastered their myriad uses and general wearing. For one thing they are called SHADES not sunglasses and they do just that "throw shade". They are however important for many other reasons, one of which is to help the wearer cope with the daily stress of living in a very large,sometimes violent and often intrusive city, in the provision of a semi disguise as one goes about ones day to day activities and last but never least the very necessary maintenance of the proper degree of required general insouciance.
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BLOG 30:11:2012
About 4 years ago I found some amazing lizard print vinyl in one of my top secret fabric locations for NZ$4 dollars a metre. I used it to re-cover a 1960's lounge chair and a pouffe I found broken and thrown out on the street in K Rd. When the upholsterer delivered it he commented many of his clients had admired it and that it must have been very expensive fabric.Most times when I have something re-covered he tells me this and it never fails to make me happy since the fabric I buy for recovering my "found" furniture never costs very much at all. Maybe that is the real talent in being a truly good upholsterer? 
In any case when I was in the city of N.Y.earlier this year I noticed that lizard print had crept reptilian like onto the backs of many. I also bought a pair of wonderful Doc Martin lizard imprinted black leather laceup shoes. I posted them home so as to not have too much luggage to carry. They never arrived. I can only assume that some lucky soul deep within the postal system with a true appreciation for the reptilian has claimed my beautiful shoes and made them their own.
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BLOG 24:11:2012
In New York in summer it gets very hot and downtown women have the answer. Long flowing dresses are comfortable and breezy and elegant..............
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BLOG 17:11:2012
More men........
BLOG 10:11:2012
It has come to my attention that I have been neglecting men in my blogs and I have so many great shots from my trip in New York that you havn't seen.Here are a few to start........
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BLOG 03:11:2012
So this week we are still atempting to answer these oh so vital questions. Is there an initial mutual attraction that occurs on the basis of taste and appearance? Does dress code also register with others as a concious/subconcious representation of beliefs and behaviour ? So I have uploaded a few more pictures of fashionable New York pairs to help us decide. Personally I think the answer is most definitely Yes. 
BLOG 27:10:2012
Remember when you were 17 and had a best friend you would do everything with. Life consisted of talking about boys endlessly.........and trying on eachothers clothes (you were both the same size ) and often borrowing one anothers best vintage finds. Vintage clothes shopping was the only way since your limited budget did not extend to anything better but you both always managed to look pretty damn good while sporting your best vintage finds. One of you grew up and went to Paris,did fashion predictions and married a man she met while crying on a train in France. The other went to New York and opened a store in the East Village.
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BLOG 20:10:2012
One Sunday morning I was at my usual perch watching the passers by and noticed a series of cute couples walking East to West probably mostly in search of Sunday brunch or a spot of shopping. The interesting thing was how much their individual fashion style matched eachothers looks. Do couples become more alike after a period of cohabitation or is there an initial mutual attraction that occurs on the basis of taste and appearance? Does dress code also register with others as a concious/subconcious representation of beliefs and behaviour ? One thing was for sure, they all looked great.
BLOG 13:10:2012
When I first arrived in New York city one of the things I noticed was that style didn't stop at age 30. Wherever you looked there were very stylish individuals of all ages.These style mavins were quite simply ageless.I always enjoy this about New York. The fact that whatever age you are there is a role model quite possibly five years in advance of your own age showing you how it should be done. Here are some examples.......
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BLOG 07:10:2012
"Pink is the navy blue of India" Is a quote from Diana Vreelands great book D.V. which I highly recommend to anyone interested in fashion.It's full of great stories about her life which was far from dull.
Diana Vreeland was a great colour enthusiast.
Fashion is cyclic and color in fashion is cyclic. Right before a colour is IN it is really OUT.Three years ago no-one wanted navy. Now navy and all forms of blue are very hot. Basically fashions in colour just re-cycle around and around the color wheel.Usually the darker version of any color is seen in Winter and the brighter more pure primary colors appear in Summer. In any case my colour prediction for "whats next" is PINK. It's starting to make an appearance here and there and all of a sudden it looks very fresh and new.
When you think about it nothing is more vacuous than color theory in fashion but it's fun and it does make for a "brighter day"..... thats kind of the whole point.
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BLOG 01:10:2012
Length. The rules are there are no rules.
In the past few blogs we have travelled the full gamut  of length variation. To finally illustrate my point here are some recent and very stylish examples of women wearing very short dress lengths. Enjoy!
BLOG 25:09:2012

Still on the subject of red this week I have a selection of knee length red prints for you. With regards to the subject of length t
here is really no rule about length anymore although there are definitely still "trends" in shilhouette, fabrication and colour .
People may have a closet that contains every single length and wear them all. Generally though we wear the length that suits us and is practical according to the season. While I was taking these street shots I saw every length from lots of very long to knee length, mini length skirts and shorts all worn with style and authority. 
What does this mean in terms of the hemline theory. Maybe the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer?
Check out this very informative youtube video on you tube for the facts on the hemline theory
BLOG 09:09:2012
The HOME SEWN exhibition at the Nathan gallery Britomart
40 Customs St Auckland
Only a few more days to see this fun exhibition curated by the indomitable Doris De Pont.
It is only on for a short time. Last day is September 26th 2012.
So get cracking! 
I have postcards with directions to the exhibition at my store at 500 K Rd if you need further directions or more information 
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BLOG 09:09:2012
Further proof that red rules!
BLOG 27:08:2012
Something about rockabilly just never fails. Not just the music but the look.Each new generation reinterprets and re-invents this look afresh. We had a free rockabilly updo's day at my store this Saturday (see more the news section) and our Live and Let Dye hair team of one, the extroadinary Britt, came along to do the hair looking so great in a cool green dress and the best red rockabilly styled hair on the planet,which of course she does herself.So here she is along with another few shots I took on the streets of New York. 
BLOG 20:08:2012
This blog is about the little red dress.A lesser known phenomenon than the little black dress,but a genre in it's own right. Worn here with authority by downtown girls. Also note this seasons sunglasses,the ever present,ever so perfect accessory.
BLOG 14:08:2012
One of the things I saw, loved and wanted for myself when I was in New York was a long semi sheer skirt,not pleated this time, just a long simple shape in a soft draped fabric that gathers at the waist. The kind of thing you can wear with a denim shirt tied at the waist or a denim jacket or just a Tee shirt and sandals.
BLOG 31:07:2012
In this grey and rainy old New Zealand Winter we need something to cheer us up so lets take a look at some more New York street fashion pics.We need something bright and beautiful and so lets use the colour theme of yellow.
Now not everyone looks good in yellow but some people do and some others look totally amazing..... so here they are
BLOG 24:07:2012
More N.Y. street pics with a yellow theme...............
BLOG 11:07:2012
Lets take a break from street fashion just for one moment because there is something I have to mention while it is still relevant and that is the still current (Finishes August 19th 2012) Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition at the De Young museum in San Francisco. It is quite simply the best fashion exhibition I saw while I was travelling and I did see quite a number.
For a start it was a very large exhibition, better still the museum very sensibly allowed you to take non flash photos. I gave it my best but after taking a large number of shots I had to stop through sheer exhaustion approximately 2/3rds of the way through....there were just so many superlative garments on exhibition.
As well as that there were several video installations of J.P.G. catwalk shows over the last decade and lots of other visual material,but truly wonderfully strange were the mannequins which had very realistic holograms projected onto their faces so that they appeared to be speaking and singing in French.
Lets start with the picture of Jean Paul Gaultiers teddy which sports the first cone bra he ever made.If you look very closely Teddy also appears to have had some improvements made in the form of eyebrow pencil and yellow eyeshadow. A talent such as this unsurprisingly emerged early. That much is clear.
Then later...............
For those who want more and well you might... here is a link to the video about the exhibition......
BLOG 30:06:2012
One fine day as I was just about to descend into the cross town subway on the corner of first avenue and fourteenth St in NY I glimpsed this beauty. I liked the way she was dressed and so asked her to stop for a moment so I could take these shots. She was very sweet and tolerant of being photographed and as I snapped I commented that only she could get away with wearing mens shoes several sizes too big. She replied she was carrying in her hands the shoes she had on the night before (strappy evening shoes)It would seem the larger mens shoes had been borrowed in order to get home in comfort the next morning. I really enjoyed that glimpse into someones life and that lovely romantic story.
Since then I have noticed her modelling makeup in a refinery fashion blog shoot and I am pretty sure I glimpsed her in a "Strokes" music video the other day.Here she is outside the subway,not a scrap of makeup,wearing too big mens shoes and looking a million dollars. Thats hard to beat in my book.
BLOG 20:06:2012
One of the things (trends) I witnessed while on holiday in New York recently was a bevy of long pleated skirts. 
For those of us who no longer feel the very short hems of recent times are for us, it may come as a relief to know that this classic and very elegant look is being worn by the young and very beautiful down town crew right now so if you have a long pleat skirt that still resides in your wardrobe then it is time to get it out again and make the most of it. For those of us who don't then no doubt they will be in the stores again this Spring. 
BLOG 11:06:2012
Last week I promised my loyal readers some shots of New York menswear.Lets get down to business then. First up is my all time favorite man in NY. I know he checks out my blog from time to time so probably he will be pleased to see himself featured. Here he is looking badass as he just so effortlessly does.Followed by a general quick coverage of stylin dudes on the street. Enjoy ! 
BLOG 30:05:2012
In case any of you have been wondering where I have been lately I thought I should let you know I woke up one morning a while ago to find out it wasn't really a dream I HAD inherited a small sum of money and so decided immediately to go shoe shopping in New York. What else? Isn't that what any red blooded girl would do? Now I am back,much poorer, in shoe rehab, and back at work. Oh Well? Thems the breaks.
In any case while I was in New York I got to take some shots of lovely young things wearing shorts......every last one of them....shorts,shorts,shorts...and then long diaphanous skirts over shorts,or if not that long dresses.
I also took some street shots of New York men........I mean menswear. Which ones would you like to see first?
Hmmn,I thought so....well I'm afraid it will be the shorts this week and the menswear next week. I know you can wait that long. I know you can.........
Meanwhile here goes shorts..........................

BLOG 13:03:2012
About 10 years ago I attended a lecture at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. It was to hear a gentleman talk about "Fashion Predictions" or what we would all be wearing in the years to come.
In the fashion industry there are companies who's business is informing other businesses as to what they should be designing or trying to sell in the future. When you are a very large company your manufacture is planned 3-5 years in advance and so you need to know this quite badly. A predictions company will tell you what you should be doing and they will charge you a lot of money for the service.
The gentleman,who was from New Yorks' absolutely top predictions company delivered his lecture, gave us some of his more short term predictions and then canvassed the audience for anything he might have missed.
There were quite a few ideas and mostly he agreed with them. (One popular idea at the time, was the return of shoulder pads or at least a more pronounced shoulderline sillhouette, and of course that has now happened everywhere and is quite mainstream.Towards the end of things I put my hand up and volunteered something I had been thinking would happen for a little while which was the return of shorts. The man frowned and looked uncomfortable so I asked him if he thought I was wrong..he laughed and said no it was not that, it was just that it was a very advanced 10 year fashion prediction he and his company had been saving up to sell for lots of money to big fashion information buyers and I had so to speak, in front of hundreds of F.I.T. fashion afficionados "let the cat out of the bag". In any case one nice thing about the years passing is getting to see your predictions come true so here is Esther Cronin in her leather shorts when she recently came to visit me at my K Rd store. Dosn't she look just a million dollars and all so completely without trying? Just a  little bit sleepy,I don't think she had had her coffee yet.
BLOG 08:02:2012
The trick to making a blog as I have discovered lately, is being in the right place at the right time WITH A CAMERA. Often I am driving down the road and see some  well dressed individual but just cannot manage to stop in time to leap out of my car with a camera and divert their attention in time to take a snap,not without causing a traffic accident in any case.
Imagine my delight one evening night last week,when I had just parked outside my apartment and was unloading all my stuff from my car boot when I glimpsed Petra walking by wearing these amazing little overalls,(she says she has several pairs) complete with black lace up Docs (which I am also partial to) and with perfect little red socks.
She told me she is a fashion student at A.U.T and works part time at Global textiles,she showed me some nice grey fabric she had bought to make pants with. Lets hope they go well. Anyway here she is looking very effortlessly chic right outside the Spanish style Deco apartments on Mt Eden Rd.


BLOG 31:01:2012
Just loved this girl who came into my store wearing this very voluminous shirt perfectly styled with great details at the back. She said she was studying art history . Are't they always?


BLOG 16.01.2012

I had a project for my holidays. It was to finish the patchwork quilt I have been working on for about two years. I made it out of the scraps I have kept from cutting all of the dresses for my store. I hate to think of any of that fabric going to waste and hoard it in my back cupboard planning to make a series of masterwork patchwork quilts I have been dreaming about. Here is the first of them. All done small sewing needle and a reel of thread.I have estimated it is composed of about one hundred and fourty thousand tiny hand stitches .I still have a little way to go until completion but not far..........

In between quilting I played house and worked in my kitchen. Basically I spent nothing (and I mean nothing) and just re-arranged all the old stuff I had lying around. This was done with the aid of a few strong lattes from the new coffee machine I got for Christmas from my far wealthier sister.Here are the results of my labour.




BLOG 29.11.2011

Lately I have been obsessing about sailor themes, in particular sailor collars. They just look so fresh and perfect at the moment especially with contrast trim. I found this picture I took of a girl at my show who's stripe sailor top was so cool. The whole look actually right down to the blond top knot, asymetrical skirt and neutral color shoes under little grey socks was just perfect. I have to get some sailor collars integrated into my work soon ?   

BLOG 29.11.2011

This young lady came into my store with her Mother who was buying a dress. She looked just a picture in this bias skirt she had made herself. Believe it or not it was a school sewing project.Congratulations to her home economics teacher who clearly knows how to enthuse her students as to the task at hand. This fresh and pretty floral skirt is a timely variation on the theme of a half circle bias skirt and is charmingly worn by it's maker here with plaits and roman sandals .

BLOG 19.09.2011
In these difficult economic times it is up to us all to utilize every day items and make them special. I have to say I have a thing for Roman sandals.To truly appreciate the roman sandal,and yes I do mean those old things you wore at school, you have to look at them out of context and appreciate they are a masterpiece of classic design.
Simple and chic, comfortable and timeless. You could pay US$300 for  them in an expensive Italian import shoe store if you could even find anything that good. Better still we can get them right here in NZ for not very much in the way of expenditure. 
I personally recommend that funky and fabulous shoe store in Onehunga,you know the one..........for a superior choice of sizes and colours.
Imagine my delight when Ms Sophie Blazey wandered in last week looking for her pals from Clyne wearing a pair of roman sandals with little white striped socks. She liked my baby doll dress and we thought it looked pretty damn good with the sandals. Better still was the little print shirt and brown shorts she had on to start with. Come back Sophie and we'll photograph the other outfit next time.............this time in focus
BLOG 20.09.2011

Every now and then some pixiesh creature with truly advanced style wanders into my store and wafts about seeming badly needing to be blogged about and Jessica was one of these. She is a student at Elam and so her impressive look (and wardrobe) is cleverly composed of op shopping finds artfully styled to create her quite 60's look. Of particular note is the hat. It takes courage and commitment to really rock a good hat and clearly Jessica possesses these qualities in abundance. We made a pact that I would promise to start a blog at the very first opportunity and make her the very first star subject. Meanwhile she likes making funky tapestries and has her own blog which is can be found here
BLOG 20.09.2011
Currently on at the corners of Galway and Gore Sts in the city is the BLACK IN FASHION exhibition realised by the New Zealand Fashion Museum and curated by Doris du Pont. If you hav'nt already been then hurry. The exhibition is on until the 24th October 2011. My favorite garment in the exhibition is this shirt, originally worn by Tony Hopkins a member of Jonny Devlin and his band the devils, and carefully appliqued and embroidered by a very talented fan (whos identity remains unknown) as one of a number of five that were made for the band it truly is a work of art. I quote here from the exhibition explanation" After many years away from New Zealand playing with American musicians including Fabian, Tony returned to find his Mum wearing this shirt,probably the only surviving one of the original five,while gardening". 

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